Narda Interference and Direction Analyzer IDA-3106

Portable Signal Analyzer for radio monitoring and interference analysis

High Measurement Speed

Get an overview of the spectrum in next to no time with a measurement speed of 12 GHz/s.

Large bandwidth

Record even the shortest pulses in real time with a bandwidth of up to 32 MHz.

Fast Direction Finding (DF)

Determine the bearing of a signal source in a polar diagram quickly and simply with an automatic scan.

Easy transmitter localization

Pinpoint the position of the transmitter automatically using the built-in GPS receiver, electronic compass and the clever “SmartDF” function.

Flexible applications

Use the IDA indoors and outdoors. The robust, compact measuring system is ergonomically designed and weighs under 3 kg.

Integrated map display

You can optionally display maps for your position measurements.

High resolution

You can display the signal trace optionally in the time domain with a maximum resolution down to 32 ns.

Trouble-free data recording

Optionally record I/Q data for assessing parameters such as signal quality and bit error rate.

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